Mission Possible Week 4 Pojan & Greece

Mission Possible Week 4

Gypsy Village of Ratha, Muslim Village of Pojan, & Thessalonica, Greece

This past week we helped with the VBS at the church in Pojan every morning.  We also had a festival, family outreach in the gypsy village of Ratha, and Kids club before moving on to adult ministry in Thessalonica, Greece.

As we entered into the village of Ratha carrying our speakers, it was an experience like none other.  Children came out from the woodwork, some familiar with us from the soccer and ESL classes, some just because they were intrigued and caught up in the mass exodus (or in this case arrivalus) .  It was rather humbling to be treated as such celebrities, but we knew that we had a message greater than that of any famous movie star, or pop singer. "Tome, thoughIamthevery leastofallthesaints, thisgracewasgiven, topreachtotheGentilesthe unsearchableriches of Christ,andtobringtolightforeveryonewhatisthe planofthemysteryhiddenforagesin God, whocreatedallthings,....." Eph…

Mission Possible Week 3 Village of Pojan

Mission Possible Week 3
Ministry in the Muslim Village of Pojan

As the Korçë team had their VBS, Cave Quest, this week, we left for the Muslim village of Pojan.  On our arrival we had a children's festival and the rest of the week we conducted a kids club, daily soccer camps for the boys, and ESL classes for the girls. 

The soccer camp started at 10:00 in the morning and just as if it was a pop group singing at a concert, these enthusiastic boys would gather at the gate every morning at 9:00. It was a delight to see all of the kids starting to gather so early and brought much joy to our hearts that they took such pleasure in it.  

The girls had lots of fun learning English and playing games at the same time. Even though both the soccer camp and the ESL classes were different from what we had been doing so far it did not exclude the Gospel.  We found out that all of the girls in the ESL class were from Muslim families, but many of them knew Christ as their Savior.

On Thursday some of th…